It is about me and how can I survived in the SARS-Covid-19 pandemic ?

Hi, let me introduce myself, my name is Quang Duy Luu, I am a vietnamese student and studying abroad in Norway. I have seen Norway on the internet, on television, it is such a beautiful and peaceful country. I asked myself what will happen if I can come and study in this country, and now here I am, in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Let here a short story first, I spend the whole 2018 to learn a new language, norwegian. As a vietnamese, english is not my second language and to be honest, I am actually not so perfect at this, but it is enough for me to talk with the world. And now comes norwegian, but luckily, after a year, my norwegian is enough to get me into college and a part-time job.

In August 2019, I began my first year at H√łyskolen Kristiania as a student in digitization and economics, but it was not easy as I imagined. My norwegian is just like a sand and the knowledges I took are the ocean. If a normal student spend 100% at school, I spent 200%, and good results came, I passed all the subject in the first semester. The second semester seemed not so hard, but until March, things happened.

In March, the very first announcements about the new virus, SARS-Covid-19 were published. A huge shutdown happened, from entertainment places to school, people lost their job, included me, I lost my part-time job.

Schools started using zoom for online teaching and learning. First I thought it was an advantage for me because I can watch the lecture again many time as I want, but it was also a double- edge sword. Since the lectures were recorded, I was free at home and the dark time of winter, I started being more and more lazy. I skipped the classes and did not even watch the lectures, It was a month before the exam and I was sitting on the fire. I cannot watch all of my lectures without having a plan.


So my plan is first make my studyspace desk is the truly a home sweet home. I started cleaning and redecorating my desk to make more productivity. I put more light bulbs around my desk for making it lighter. I had to take away all the stuffs which make me distracted while I was studying.


Secondly, I tried myself a new routine, sleep at 11pm and wake up at 7am is an example. When I woke up with full length of sleep, I had a good spirit to do everything. The classes often start at 8.15am, so woke up at 7am is a good point of time. I had an hour to do my personal stuffs, make coffee and breakfast, then 15 minutes to chill with music before the class started.

When the class finished, I spent an hour to review and schedule the things I will study in the evening. After an hour reviewing and scheduling, a short nap could be the best, an hour and a half will be enough. Then I started watching previous lectures until 6pm, it is dinner time! Althought I was sitting on the fire, I still treated myself good. 2 hours for chilling and relaxing. At 8pm, I reviewed everything I had learnt during the day and end up on the bed at 11pm. I had 4 subjects in that semester, each week for each subject, and the last week I used for review all 4. I got B,B,C and passed for 4 subjects. Not so bad, right ?

This autumm semester 2020, I did the same and it came good results too. That was my tips to survive in the pandemic. What do you think ?

Specially thank to Thanu, Andreas, Martin, Daniel, Simon, Mareek, Sondre who helped me a lot with group assignments.

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