Artificial Intelligence (AI), a double- edge sword in the digital economy.

In the second lecture of Arne Krokan, we were introduced a little bit about artificial intelligence, machine learning and how technological development affect our future. The lecture was very interesting, it makes me think about life of humanity in the future and bring me a big question: will robot and AI be a threat to humanity ?


Few years ago, AI seemed to be quite new for us and of course AI was misunderstand with almost automatical stuffs. It was new and most of us does not have a exact definition about AI. So what is AI and how can AI affect our social ?

AI, stand for Artificial Intelligence, is information technology that is adjusted and modified by its own activity and thus appears intelligent. We used artificial intelligence to give computers and computer programs human’s knowledge. In other words, it’s all about developing computer systems that provide the best possible intelligent response to carry out various work tasks that actually require human intelligence.

Artificial intelligence can be used in several different ways nowaday. They can be seen easilly by the tasks which we use the most. An simple example for AI is virtual assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s Bixby. AI can appear as a tool for example chatbot, translation tools.

Overall, AI is a technology which is given to machine in order to help machine to solve several tasks as human.



In my opinion, AI is the greatest invention of humanity, it can change and play an important role in our future. There are so many benefits and drawbacks of AI which were pointed out in the internet.

The typical field uses AI as labor force is manufacturing industry. By the help of AI, the manufacturing chain will be extremely improved. Robots and machines have potential to solves the hard task and have more productivity than human. Take a look at my example, car manufacturing industry, robot and machine can itself carry, lift an heavy part or material and assembly 1 car faster and easier than several worker at the same process. Numbers of robot and machine can be linked, automatically connected throught the whole process. The high accuracy and automatic is the charasteristics which make robot and machine is more and more important in manufacturing industry.

Another example is finance and banking, the invention of ATM and electronic wallet application help the money transmission/ withdrawal task now is very simple. We used to have to go to the bank to transfer/withdraw money and it took many step from filling the form to the moment the money was finally transfered/withdrawn. ATMs are placed everywhere in the city, people can easily reach and do this task simply.


-Faster and easier to manufacture a product.

-Can be improved and developed to solve harder tasks

-Can replace human labor force

-Can save company cost of employee’s salary.

-Unlimited manufacturing procedure

-Saving time.


-Unemployment increases.

-Techonology gap between age and age.

-Take a long time to totally synchronize and digitalize.

Back to my question : will AI be a threat to humanity. After I have researched, the answer is seemly YES, because :

– AI will change the workplace and the jobs which have been belonged to humans. Some jobs will be lost to AI technology. Humans have to to embrace the change and find new activities that will provide them the social and mental benefits their job provided.

– Deepfakes: AI technology allow individual easily to create “fake” videos of real people. These can be used without an individual’s permission to spread fake news, create porn in a person’s likeness who actually isn’t acting in it, and more to not only damage an individual’s reputation but livelihood. The technology is getting so good the possibility for people to be duped by it is high.

– AI surveillance: AI’s face recognition capabilities give us conveniences such as being able to unlock phones and gain access to a building without keys, but it also launched what many civil liberties groups believe is alarming surveillance of the public. In China and other countries, the police and government are invading public privacy by using face recognition technology.

– AI-enabled terrorism: Artificial intelligence will change the way conflicts are fought from autonomous drones, robotic swarms, and remote and nanorobot attacks. In addition to being concerned with a nuclear arms race, we’ll need to monitor the global autonomous weapons race.


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