It have been a month since we began the semester with Arne Krokan’s part. In this month, we mainly focus on digital economy, platform and modern technologies. This is also the first time I made a blog for myself. With these knowledge, I can innitialy draw a overall picture of my way to be a digital marketer. In this blog, I will summerize what I have learnt in this first month.

Digital economy: platform and everything included.

When we talk about digital marketing, it means we are putting ourself in a digital economy, the economy of technologies and digitalization.

For me, as a student from digitalization and economy, I have learnt quite lots of things about digital economy from previous subjects. Its does not mean this part of Krokan is not important to pay attention to. I have been widened my knowledge about digital economy such as technologies that change the way the economy functions.

Enabling technologies.

I had a chance to reach to modern technologies such as AI, 3D printing, virtual reality,  which can be a game changer in every field of the market. I can see how these technologies can help, affect, change and also threaten our future.

New concepts.

Echo chamber and filter bubble are my very new concepts I have read and learnt in this first part of the semester. These two concept have the same function but different purpose.

Created my own website and wrote blogs.

This is the most interesting experience in my study journey. Create my own website ? How cool it is ! Each week I have two blog excersises about thing I have learnt. This is a good way the review my knowledge and widen it. For example when I wrote about AI, I had to research and find more detail information about it by reading several sources and websites. This helps me to get the whole concept of it by understanding the definition, knowing its applications and figuring out its advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, writing a blog is a good way to study, especially for self-study. I may not use my website after it expires but I think I will apply this method to review my knowledge after every lecture in the future.


The first month of semester was great, the barrier of language might prevent me from getting full knowledge but by the teaching spirit of Arne and new method of study, I gained more thing than what I lost. I expect more interesting thing will come in the next three parts of this subject.   

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