Nespresso and their sustainable goals in 2020

The ideal of Nespresso is that each cup of coffee does not simply bring happiness, but also restore and replenish environmental resources and the community. Nespresso’s main vision, as well as overall, named the Positive Cup. Positive cup has a mission to create a cup of coffee that positively affects the world. 

Like every company, Nespresso focuses on sustainable development values, and that’s the focus Nespresso places on what they do. The role of Nespresso is not only in creating a coffee market in particular, but also in a sustainable economy in general. Nespresso strives to apply their sustainability principles across the product chain and the values ​​they bring.

”Our aim is to create more value for farmers, business partners and 
consumers, whilst at the same time caring for the environment”

said Jean-Marc DUVOISIN – CEO

The Positive Cup program encompasses ambitions in the area of coffee supply, improvement of social welfare, sustainable supply, consumption and reduction of aluminum emissions, above all, a plan to cope with climate change. An overall look, the 3 main objects that Nespresso specifically targets to implement the Positive Cup program are coffee, aluminum and the climate. 

COFFEE GOAL, 100% sustainably source coffee

Nespresso will be a permanent supplier of the Grand Cu product line through the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality program. By expanding the AAA Sustainable Quality program in Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan and investing more than CHF 15 million in these countries over six years, Nespresso has made that possible.

Nespresso will also assist farmers by helping them achieve high certification standards such as water management and biodiversity. Nespresso also emphasizes fairness in its treatment of its workers through the Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade International, Nespresso’s two long-term partners.

In addition, Nespresso is pursuing innovative solutions to raise farmer welfare standards through its AAA Future Farmers program in Colombia, further spreading the positive impact seen so far.

Nespresso realizes that quality, productivity and sustainability are created from the transformation of farmers’ livelihoods. They have considered implementing their AAA Sustainable Quality Program for South Sudan’s coffee industry by reflecting the unique characteristics of the country’s economy. Nespresso is also innovating with its partners to improve and enhance the social aspects of coffee farmers such as pensions, insurance, price volatility and resistance to variable climate change.

ALUMINIUM GOAL, 100% responsibly managed aluminium

Nespresso will expand its recycling initiatives to make it accessible to their Club Member, thus increasing recycling rates. Simple to understand, the collection company will bring the used capsules, after Nespresso will recycle those capsules into new capsules.

Nespresso launched the world’s first capsule recycling system in 1991 in Switzerland. In 2015, 86% of Club Members had access to the recycling solution, supported by approximately 14,000 capsule collection points operating around the world.

Nespresso strives to ensure 100% Club Members in any country have the right and access to a recycling solution and enhance it. That, according to Nespresso, is very meaningful to the environment

CLIMATE, 100% carbon efficient operations

Nespresso’s goal is to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by an additional 10%. Moreover, they focus on enhancing the resilience of coffee farms to climate change and helping to reverse degradation of natural ecosystems. 

During the period 2009-2013, Nespresso reduced its carbon footprint by 20% per cup of Nespresso. By introducing energy saving machines and piloting the Rainforest Alliance climate module at the farm level. 

Nespresso’s further goal is to reduce carbon by an additional 10% through planting in site sites.

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