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In this blog I will show you how to evaluate an online store. Base on 10 criteria from INEVO, we will take Panduro as an example for this evaluation.

What is Panduro ?

Panduro was created out of sheer creative joy when Carlo Panduro began making his own souvenirs and jewelry in postwar Denmark. His son, Jørgen, soon joined the family business and started selling hobby materials to the public sector. The first Panduro store was opened in Nørrevold, Denmark, 1950s. Today, Panduro has approximately 650 employees and a turnover of 845 million SEK. Panduro is owned by Thomas Panduro, Jesper Panduro and Peter Panduro

#1 First Impression

The first thing comes when you meet a person is their appearance, it will create your first impression about them.

Your online store’s appearance is the first thing customers see when they access the website. It need to bring good impression to customers. Why is first impression important ? Having good impression can make customers continue to explore your online store.

A good first impression can be determined by answering these three questions ( quickly answer in 5 seconds) :

-Have I come to the right place ?

-What can I do here ?

-Why should I do this ?

If you cannot answer these questions, it mean your online store needs an improvement.

If you want your customers can answer these questions in 5 seconds as mean as they have good impression, make sure that your online store have to be attractive, informations are clearly shown and easy to search and reach to the products.

For example: Customers who access to Panduro online store can be those who want to buy products for decoration, painting, sewing, etc. Panduro has so many pictures of these products that are shown on their homepage. Customer will be assured that they have came to the right place after taking a look on Panduro’s home page because of the variety of products. Pictures, product informations are illustrated clearly and attractively.

#2 Visibility

Is it easy to search your online store on Google or on other searching engines ? If your online store is hard to be found or cannot be found by using “searching keyword”, it will be a problem for your business. It is good if customer can easily search your online store by searching your store’s name or the products which is sold by your store.

When I search for the name “Panduro”, it comes with Panduro online store’s link.
Here I search ”Fargeblyanter sett” on google, we can see that Panduro website is shown.

What if your online store do not show up when customer search ? This is a problem that you need to think about. By not seeing your website, customer can access to another online store which sell the same products, it will decrease your sell and your popularity on the market. Recommendation is to use Google Ads and consider to make your website/products visible in Google Shopping.

#3 Ease of use

How many step for customers to looking for a products in your online store ? Is it easy to use your website on computer browser and mobile devices ?

E-commerce is growing fast, especially in this Covid pandemic. People switch from buying at store to online shopping. It is important that customer can reach the products in your online store as easy as they come to your physical store. Another thing to concern about that is your online store must function good in every devices such as computer, mobile phone, and tablet.

It is good if you arrange your online store by categories. These categories will help customers to reach their correct products.

Panduro arrange their categories clearly. Customer just need to click on which category of product they want to looking for.
If customers click on “Mal & Tegn”, there are small categories to specify type of products.
When customer click on “Maling” as the final step, it will show various type of paint.

#4 Purchase process

Purchase process should me simple as well. Do not let customer fill a lot of fields. In my opinion, we can use these important fields such as customer name, email, address and telephone number.

Showing payment method is also necessary. Paypal, VISA or MasterCard helps to make customers feel safer. Then you you have to let customer now the arrival time of the package.

Purchase process of Panduro seems very simple.

#5 Speed/Technology

You have to make sure that you the server for your online store is always stable. It means you website can load smoothly when it has a lot access at the same time. Long loading time makes customer wait, reduce their shopping experience.

Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool for you to test the speed of your website. It shows how fast your website loads, therefore point out what you need to do to improve the website speed, in case.

#6 Customer satisfaction

How do the last customers feel after shopping with you ?

To show last customers feedbacks is very important. For the new customers, they can trust your store by reading comments from last customers.

New customers can read feedbacks internally on your website:

Customer feedbacks on Panduro its website.

..or externally on TrushPilot and PriceSpy:

Feedbacks about Panduro on TrustPilot.

Moreover, customer can also leave a feedbacks or a comments on your store’s facebook page. Make sure there are many good comments and feedbacks, if not, you have a problem and have to concern about before it is too late!

#7 Security

For online shopping, security plays an important role. Because customer cannot see and touch the products, they are not sure that they will receive the product with good quality as they have expected.

Show them your online store contact information, return policy ( if it is enabled ) is needed.

Panduro shows its delivery informations.

#8 Customer Communication

When you receive a feedbacks from your customer, how can you reply to them ?

Its is good if you have an open-armed customer service team and system. You should make sure all the negative feedbacks will be solved and these customer will be treated well.

You can send them a private email or just reply their comments on your website/facebook page. It helps a lot when your communications with customer are visible. Customer will see and highly appreciate how your customer service works.

#9 Prizes / Awards

It is necessary to show your online store prizes and awards. It will be the advantages of your online store and make your online store more trustful.

Pandora does not show any prizes, but let take POWER with the certification from Trygg E-Handel:

#10 Concept and strategy

What strategy do you use to promote your products ? How do you demonstrate that strategy ?

It should be attractive, effective and easy to understand.

There are Panduro’s concepts:


  • https://panduro.com/nb-no/om-panduro
  • https://inevo.no/blogg/hvordan-vurdere-din-nettbutikk/

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