What is Google Ads ? How to run a marketing campaign with Google Ads ?

Hi, if you are studying and working with digital marketing, so you have heard about SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The most important result of doing SEO is how much the website ranks on the search engine bar. This is similar to displaying a product and have to make it in the most prominent and easy to see.

Google is a very popular search engine nowadays. Everyone uses google to search for something, for example to buy a computer. SEOs usually optimize their website’s visibility by using Google Ads.

What Is Google Ads ?

Google Ads, or Google AdWords, is Google’s advertising system. In which advertisers bid on certain keywords. Aim for their ads to appear in Google search results or display ads.

Advertisers most often pay by PPC (pay-per-click: pay-per-click) method. This is also how Google makes money through search channels.

Should we use Google Ads ?

In the current development of digital and social network. It is obvious that there are many good platforms for you to choose from to advertise your products

Channels such as Facebook and Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Promoted Pins, etc. Even Google is not the only search advertising platform. Besides it, there are also Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads or Microsoft Ads.

However, it is not because of the presence of other platforms that Google AdWords becomes weak. Businesses have always rated this advertising channel as the best place to reach customers.

Google with its rich history has become the most popular search engine. And the number of users searching for products on google is huge.

Therefore, for your products to reach potential customers in a short time, Google Ads is a tool worth investing in!

How To Use Google Ads For Your Marketing Campaign.

Here I will show you how to get started on Google ads.

Step 1: Go to ads.google.com, then click “Start now”

Step 2: Next, you need to create a campaign and choose your main goal for your advertising. You can choose between to get more call, get more visits to your physical location or get more website sales or sign-ups.

Step 3: Do you serve your customer physically or by online webstore ? You can choose it in this step.

Step 4: Here you will fill your business name here.

Step 5: In this step, you will insert the link to your online website. When customer click on the advertisement, it will transfer to your website.

Step 6: You can see how your website looks like on mobile devices and on computer after customer click on your advertisement.

Step 7: In this step, you can set up the text for your ad. You just have to write it briefly about the products / services. There is also an option which is “show a call button in your ad” to quickly call for customer service.

Step 8: Here you can add your searching keywords. You can add many keywords you want, which is relevant to your product/service.

Step 9: Choose the place where your ad will be displayed.

Step 10: Set your campaign’s budget. As I have mentioned above, Google Ads is based on a PPC model. You just have to pay only when a customer clicks on your ad, it means you do not have to pay when your ad displayed. You can specify and set your budget for your ad and of course, you can stop the campaign whenever you want.

Step 11: Here you can overview your campaign.

Step 12: When you are agree with the last step, now in this final step, you will insert your payment informations and then click “Submit“.

Hope this blog will help you to know about SEO, Google AdWords and know how to create a marketing campaign by using Google AdWords.


  • https://ads.google.com/intl/en_NO/home/

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