Amnesty Job Interview Case.

The content in this blog is to do a hypothetical job-interview for a Marketing Specialist position at Amnesty International Norway.

Introducing AI

AI stands for Amnesty International, is an international non-governmental organization whose purpose is to protect all human rights that have been solemnly stated. in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international standards.

In particular, Amnesty International works to free all prisoners of conscience; to ensure that political prisoners are treated fairly and openly; to abolish the death penalty, torture, and other treatment of prisoners they consider cruel; to end political assassinations and forced disappearances; and against all human rights violations, whether by government or other organisations.

Amnesty And Digital Channels

Where can we find Amnesty on this social network? How did Amnesty reach out to the community?

Well, the answer is the big 4 : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Amnesty has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, where they regularly update the newsfeed. Human right education is also posted on these channels. They will inform about the issues they are investigating and generate engagement for individuals browsing Amnesty’s social media. Building a local network is quite important to them. Recruitment is also their goal on these channels.

Facebook is AI Norway’s largest social media channel and also where they reach and get the most reach. Posting is quite active, with content being posted every day. On Facebook, Amnesty International Norway has more than 150,000 followers which is an impressive number.

With more than 82,000 followers on instagram, along with posts with unique illustrations and pictures, it can be considered that instagram is a potential channel of Amnesty International Norway.

On Twitter, they want to spread their point of view, influence decision makers, and draw attention around their priorities to more than 29,000 followers, at the present. I hope this number will increase and more people can reach Amnesty’s views. On Twitter, it specifically reaches out to public debaters, politicians, journalists and other organisations.

With only 824 subscribers on Youtube, Amnesty need to focus more on this channel in the future. Most of the video on Amnesty Norge channel are story telling. It is a better way to share the story and reach to the community than Facebook.

Customer Journey

Stories on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are the start point of Amnesty customer journey. They are an non-governmental organization so they are not affected by countries and states, everything is completely honest, so we can say they are trustworthy.  

The important thing to measure / analyse using Google Analytics on

In my point of view, the important thing to measure is which areas or pages of the website get the most traffic. This can be anything from human rights in a particular country such as racism, violence against women or poverty. This way, they can also see which topics attract more users and which are not so attractive, or in other words what trends are trending and popular. They also have a number of articles, so finding out which ones are doing well can help them improve.

They does not receive government support and is dependent on donations and other resources, so another thing they should also check is how many times the “Support us” button is pressed . It’s all about how to improve, and maybe the button can be moved around the page a bit to improve visibility or engagement.

Organic Search

I choose the “Political Prisoner” as a searching keyword, let see if Amnesty can be showed on the first page:

Yes, they got it. It is not at the top but it is visible. I partly valuate that organic search is very well established.

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