Like Facebook, the number of Instagram users has grown to billions. This is a huge number, isn’t it? If you want to reach more customers then this is the article for you. So, how to run effective Instagram Ads?

Choose An Campaign Objective

First, you’ll need to choose your objective from the three broad target groups that Instagram Ads recommends:

Awareness Consideration. Conversion

If you choose “Awareness”, you will want as many people as possible to know the name of your brand and the products/services you offer. Of course, customers will not visit any store and order products. They need to know the store well first.

If you select “Consideration”, you want an order, but the customer will not place an order immediately at this stage. You need to constantly stimulate their interest. Actively use product introduction videos, blog posts, etc. to attract customers.

If you select “Conversion”, you have reached the final stage: the conversion stage. At this point, your target can share information such as product selling prices, promotional information, gifts, etc. to entice customers to order products.

What Is Your Ad Display?

On the Instagram interface, you can choose the following display ways:

Singe Image Link Ad: Common single display image. If you have a certain message you want to share with your customers, this is the right choice.

Video Ad: A form of advertising that is gradually being used in popularity. Instagram allows videos to last up to 60 seconds. A little movement will help your ad catch more eyes.

Carousel Ad: This is the right form of advertising when you want to share a series of messages or a series of products/services. With Carousel Ad, you will use a lot of different images

Slideshow Ad: Slideshow Ad is basically similar to Carousel Ad. The difference here is that it co-converts the image in a loop.

Story Ad: Story is the newest and hottest form of advertising right now. As a story, your ad can be an image, a gif, a video, or a combination of everything. Story Ad has organic impressions because it is often inserted into the customer Story series.

How Much Should You Spend On Advertising?

To determine the right budget, you need to understand the value of the product/service you offer. You must calculate how much you are willing to spend on a customer. Not to mention you also have to pay attention to how much profit after cost is.

Define Target Audience

Location: if you have a store and want customers to visit, add information such as house number, county, district, city, etc.

Interests: think about interests your customers may have. For example, if you sell bonsai, your customers must have a hobby of collecting bonsai or have a need to use bonsai as decoration, etc.

Behavior: you can identify customers based on their buying behavior on social networks.

Demographics: to narrow the customer base further, add information such as gender, age, language, interests, etc.

Custom Audiences: This method allows to upload email numbers of existing customers and Instagram will crawl the data to find customer accounts that match the information you just uploaded.

Lookalikes: Based on Custom Audiences, Instagram will look for customers with similar demographics. These customers are relatively similar to existing customers, so they are more likely to interact with your product/service.


Social media is a great place to run digital advertising campaigns. Like any other social network, to have an effective marketing campaign on Instagram, you need to plan the campaign thoroughly and in detail. It is important to consider the budget you can spend on your marketing, and it is also important to pay attention to the audience you want to advertise to. Take advantage of the popularity of Instagram to maximize your marketing campaigns. Good luck.

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